The Migration Expo:

The Migration Expo is the ultimate resource for all those wishing to migrate to Australia, or to upgrade or change their visas. It also provides easy access to banks, health care, job opportunities, business services, housing, real estate, accounting, everything the new Australian migrant needs.

How to navigate the Expo... Choose your region or stay Global

For information on living in Australia, work visas - skills required, permanent residency, working holidays, tourist visas - from inside or outside Australia - register on the site as a migrant and we will come to you...!

Travel through the Expo 24 hours a day to discover exhibitors offering specific services and products tailored to your needs. The choice is yours - talk to us in real time, online.

The Auditorium is the focal point of the Expo, with full multimedia presentations, scheduled events and ‘webinars’ streaming daily ...... open 24 hours a day.

The Migration Expo ‘Cafe’ and Forum is a convenient meeting place where visitors, agents and exhibitors can meet to discuss any number of Australian Immigration topics, simply by selecting the table they want to sit at.  From there, people can exchange messages and make sure they don’t miss any new events.

The ‘News Stand’ is ‘big news’ in the Migration Expo. A central part of our mission is to make sure you can get the latest in Australian Immigration news right here, every day.